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With You, Every Day is Valentine's Day

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


This song is dedicated to my wonderful fiancee, Corinna. The song is also dedicated to all of you who believe in the power of love. 

Side note: the centuries-old storage house in the movie is in the view from my writers studio in Luneburg, Germany; the view partly inspired the lyrics. This is our first Valentine's Day in Germany, and the movie was intended to be an electronic Valentine's Day card. 

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In the morning the snow covers the ground

Though I never even saw it fall down

Shall I imagine a place up in the sky?

Where it hides

Before noon the sun appears

Though not long ago she paled in fear

Against those bully clouds that ruled the night

She won the fight



Though our love’s this beautiful dream

Going to hold you like it’s the truest thing

Now there’s no reason to be afraid

'Cause with you every day’s Valentine’s Day


In the afternoon the clouds they return

With all their scars from the sun you think they’d learn

But in life everything has its own way

And that’s okay

My old friend the crow takes his branch

Soon he’ll trade me for some other plans

That don’t mean his cranky siren don’t belong

It’s in my song


(Chorus) Repeat




(Chorus) Repeat and end


Yes, everything’ll keep going our way

'Cause in the end in our Valentine dream we’ll stay


Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.