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The Day She Sang in Jasper

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Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


This song is a tribute to Nashville singer/songwriter, Charlsey Etheridge. I met her at a wedding I was DJ'ng in Jasper, GA. In over fifteen years as a professional musician, I've never heard a voice like hers at a ceremony. She showed up just before and said, "I just want to do this as an acoustical thing. You don't really have to plug me in really." I put a standing microphone in front of her, just before a pasture opening its arms into Georgia mountains. She started singing and everyone turned into those mountains ... in beautiful shock, in courage, and in immediate remembrance. 


Afterwards, I was so inspired that I really embarrassed myself. I said, "Are you pursuing a career in this?" What a "foot-in-mouth" thing to say! She told me she's in Nashville. As if I hadn't embarrassed myself enough already, I then went on to say, "I'm a songwriter and I'd be honored if you ever sang one of my songs." 

Charlsey is a songwriter as well. Click here for her Website. 


(Copyright, 2014, All rights reserved)

The day she sang in Jasper

How the wind raked o’er the pasture

The mountains stood like proud fathers in the distance

And her voice conquered all our resistance


The day she brought her guitar

We all knew that she’d go far

The way she stood like a general in battle

And the place she went no hurricane could rattle



Days like these keep spreading like white-gold fire

But it’s time for this DJ to retire

To his words that long to stand forever

Like the day she sang in Jasper