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Sue, Don't You Know

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I wrote a song last Christmas entitled, Christmas Rain. The song was for two good author friends of mine who were going through hard times during the holidays. One of them, Sue McLeod, published author of Soul and Shadow, was fighting cancer. Both friends seemed to be doing better, and one still is. However, unfortunately, Sue is fighting cancer again this year (for the fourth time).

This is her song. 

If you, or someone you know, is a cancer survivor, please share this song. Every time you hear Sue's song, you bring her, and others like her, great hope. All proceeds from this song are donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. 

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My thoughts keep drifting to Rochester

And a woman there who calls me friend

Can’t catch a bus from where I’m living

I’d fly but I got squat to spend



Seems a hard breeze is blowing

Through the field she tried so hard to mend

Hope it don't steal but it’s the same thing

We all have to face in the end


Don’t like the shapes these clouds are making

Ugly faces in the wind

I feel so helpless like a stranger

Writing letters I can't send



But who knows if these words will make it?

If my guitar had wings I’d be a saint

Does she know how far she’s reachin’

With my gratitude, New York I’d paint



Sue, don’t you know?

That this moment isn’t real

That the truth is how you feel, about music

Wherever you may go, angels follow you

And the stars they leave behind help you choose

To smile every today

No matter what they say

Your heart already lights up New York





Repeat and End


Copyright, 2015. All rights reserved.