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So Young

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I wrote this song for my wife, Corinna's birthday. I originally planned to record a song I wrote, "Forever 39," but this one just seemed to pop out. I wanted both the song and the movie to depict the beauty, magic, and timelessness of youth. I also wanted a song that she could dance to (she loves to dance!). 

PS, It also just so happens that Corinna looks impressively young. Don't you think? 

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Wake up, Baby, it’s your birthday

And there’s something I want to say

But these feelings I have they just keep on growing

And sometimes words get in the way

Look at you, you’re so beautiful

Your face time just can’t hold

But if I could how much I love you in years

Girl, you’d be ten thousand years old



And you, have this way of bringing me out

And you, are always there when a frown comes around

Like the sunlight roaming through trees that sigh

I want to be the one walking by your side

And like the wise old owl with his bedtime song

I want to be the one always telling you, Hun

With all the years that have sung,

Can’t believe in the morning how you look so young


Come lie close, it’s your birthday

And I got a gift for you

But it’s not the kind I could wrap in pretty paper

And a bow like I wanted to

Let’s walk down to our old town

Where we married not long ago

And let me say those words that make you feel

Like you’re the only thing in the world

(Choruses Repeat) 

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