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Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles


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Yes it’s been too long

Since I wrote you a song

But life wrestled me to the ground

Illusions how they kick you around

But September, September's hanging on

Yes, September, September’s already gone


Sometimes I get lost

In who I want to be

Oh, I wish the world could only see

My words how they could set it free

But October, October soon will be here

In October, the leaves will disappear




Like a gull in the wind

We get swept away

We’ve been hurt so many times before

Sometimes it’s hard to reach for shore

But November smells like vanilla rain

In November, we won’t be the same


(Special Chorus)

Every morning I tell you I love you

But should I forget, September’s my best friend

In September, I’ll write you a song again



Words and music by Jesse Giles

Copyright 2014

World rights reserved