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Plane, Plane

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I've always been afraid of flying (aerophobia), but after a few recent flights where flying issues were so bad that I saw mothers and daughters holding hands and people saying goodbye with their eyes, I finally had to write this song. My hope is that others can listen to the song while flying and gain some comfort from it, knowing they're not alone. 

Safe flying to you,


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Plane, Plane


Plane, plane, where are you going

Plane, plane, why do you make my life flash by?

Will you hold my hand as we take to the sky?

And will you hum to me

When you shake like a lie


Oh, plane, plane, I wasn’t made to fly


Plane, Plane, it helps just knowing

What goes up, must come down 

As the earth says goodbye

Should I close my eyes?

Now, brothers and sisters

Everything will be all right



But, plane, plane, we weren’t made to fly




Plane, plane, I think I finally se

I need you, as much as you need me

Maybe one day, my fear will abate

Until then, don’t test my faith



Cause  plane, plane, I wasn’t made to fly


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