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Live Long and Prosper in the Sky (Spock Tribute Song)

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I think most of us believed Leonard Nimoy would be around forever, showing up dapperly aged for a grandfatherly Spock role in every new Star Trek movie that came out. I myself didn't even consider him passing on now. This made it perhaps more shocking for Star Trek fans like myself. 

I wasn't sure this tribute song would get written. It came, like many of my favorite songs I've written, as a specter in the night, a whisper in dreams. I lied awake and my mind went to work. Then off to grab the guitar and work out a melody. This night would allow little sleep.

When the song came, only a few days after his death, my Mac Book crashed. The Apple Store couldn't even get the darn thing to turn on. What followed were some of the most frustrating days of my life ... much like perhaps having a baby that refuses to come out. With a trip to Spain, planned long ago, things were looking pretty bleak; would I get it out in a reasonably amount of time for a tribute? I tried to close my ears to all the tributes that I knew were coming out, silently cringing. I'm still not sure if mine is too late. 

After a lot of persuasion, prayer, and help from my fiancee, I finally got my pc back and went to work. Now, at the two-week anniversary of his death, I release my tribute song and movie. Oddly enough, the sound engineering and moviemaking seemed to just fall in place. Was the late musician and movie master helping me? Hmm ... 

I want to personally thank everyone who appeared in my movie. And, of course, I want to thank Leonard Nimoy for the incredible legacy of artistic beauty and vision that he left behind. 



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A star doesn’t smile, it don’t know how

So it rose in your face with one eyebrow

And it set in your voice like a lullaby

Till that frowning Friday morning you said goodbye



You were so much more than just blood running green

An artist and a poet chasing dreams

As I remember you, I promise not to cry

’Cause I know you’ll live long and prosper in the sky


A star doesn’t love it only shines

On all the hearts you moved with your time

And on the beautiful garden that you grew

To the Final Frontier, Spock, we send you

(Chorus) Repeat


We toss around the word, forever

Do we know what it means?

But all those souls you brought together

Will live in perfect memory


(Chorus) Repeat


And when I look up at the stars

Burning bright, there you are


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