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Home is Where You Roam

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Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I've taken vacations abroad, but I've never left my country to live in another. After forty-seven years living in the United States (born and raised in Miami, FL), I boarded a plane with my fiancee, Corinna, for Germany where we plan to live, work, and marry. I feel this decision will not only allow me to get to know my life partner more deeply, but also wing me in terms of health, peace, and much more time and energy to focus on my art. 

But leaving one's homeland comes with many challenging thoughts and emotions ... one's that triggered this song. At first I was afraid, until I realized that home is inside of us, not outside.

Home is where we roam. 

I hope you enjoy the song, and I wish you great success with your own journeys of life. 

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I like to picture myself an icebreaker

But even those boats get stuck sometimes

After forty-seven years

Maybe I’ve finally found my prime



Yeah, so don’t give up

We all get stuck

Maybe life’s about getting out



I’ve got your land in my pocket

Got your freedom in my shoes

Got the love of a woman

To chase away the blues

Got the memories of our fathers

And our mothers in my heart

But still it ain’t easy

To say farewell to where I started

Then don’t, say goodbye

Just stand before the plane and close your eyes

And think of all the people

With no place to call their own

And maybe you’ll remember

That home is where you roam



Oh, those mountain, majesties

Please don’t try and stop me

Eagle in the sky

You could make me cry



(Bridge 2)

The land of the free

You’ll always be in me

I’ll be back again you’ll see


(Chorus) Repeat




(Chorus) Repeat and End


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