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Birthday Lullaby (for Heinz)

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Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


A year ago, staying in a beach cottage on the Eastern Sea (Ost See) near Warnemunde, Germany, with my wife and her parents, I wrote this birthday song for my father-in-law, Heinz, vowing that I would record it the following year for his next birthday. I wrote the song on a lazy, sun-peach-filled afternoon relaxing in the cottage. When Heinz went for a walk on the beach, as my wife and her mother napped, I wrote this song, performing it for him later before we went to bed (part of that live recording was put in the studio recording ... listen for it!). 

My hope was for a song that we could sing for him every year ... a song that captured the beauty and serenity of his birthday vacation (a vacation we take for his birthday every year), as well as the goodness, kindness, and texture of Heinz's life.

Happy Birthday, Heinz! To many more! 

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The sun’s lying down on the Eastern Sea

My pretty lady’s sitting next to me

Her father goes walking to think of where he’s been

As the sun, she just keeps on sinkin’



And as the years roll by

I’ll sing your birthday lullaby

Lullaby … lullaby


Don’t feel like doing anything

But soaking up the peace that this place brings

Maybe one day we’ll find our way back

Until then let my guitar photograph …



… the years rolling by

As I sing your birthday lullaby

Lullaby … lullaby … lullaby … lullaby …




When we walk along, he looks at me as patient as the sea

And the footprints of time make him gleam

All the places he’s been, make him who he is today

But what made this good man, who can say?


(Chorus) Repeat

Lullaby … lullaby … lullaby … lullaby … 

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