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Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen



(Copyright 2014, All rights reserved)

If there’s hope enough in me

Then there’s hope enough in you

So why don’t you give a little more?

Let some light through your door


We all come from stormy pasts

But that don’t mean that we can’t last

Just keep looking for your angels

There everywhere … everywhere


(Bridge chord)


I’ve traveled to the sea

Lost myself in memories

All around me were angels

Turning the sky to pastels


Don’t try to understand

Don’t get lost in your own plans

Just let the angel inside  you

Spread its wings and take you … away …



Angels … calling

I can’t see your sunrise

Did I forgot to close my eyes?

Angels … falling

They’re everywhere you look

All those chances that you took

Wait and see

All your angels are walking next to you




(Chorus) Repeat 


Come on world, look me in the eye

I’ll show myself, I’ve got nothing to hide

I walk streets, feel their danger

But hey, I know, I ain’t the Lone Ranger

I just want to do, what feels right

Find a way, to fight the fight

Try and see what’s going on

Why we all can’t seem to get along

But who am I with this simple song?

I wish I could right every wrong

But you see that’s not what I’m trying to do

Hey listen to me, I’m talking to you

Just open your eyes, look around

We’ve all got angels, looking to be found

But it’s only when we see with our souls

That we make a difference in what we know

Every flowers seem to bloom, all the stars seem to rise

A woman’s beauty shines right before your eyes

A child’s simple truth becomes the only way

Feel the beat in your heart, when you sway

Look at me, I’m out of time

Can’t say I’m much, for laying down the rhyme

But I see you, what you going to do?

You’re listening to this song, time to get it on

To find your angels, just see with your mind

And before long, you’ll come to find

If we all looked up, at the same time

The world could change, and we’re way behind