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Angel Smile (Christmas Song)

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Jesse Giles Christiansen
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I wrote this song last year, Christmas 2013, while my partner, Corinna, was away in Germany just before Christmas. Missing her, and thinking about the meaning of the holidays, I picked up my guitar and this song was written in about 30 minutes. A few weeks later, while on a cruise in the Caribbean, I proposed to her ... and she said yes. 


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She's across the ocean, so far away

And as I write this song, she's sleeping peacefully

But she'll be coming home soon

In time for Christmas Day


(Chorus) Cause you believe in magic

Reindeer pause on your rooftop

You believe in chasing rainbows

And wishing on a falling star

But if you don't believe in angels

Then you haven't seen her smile


Well it's time to go shopping

Decorate the Christmas tree

Write your letter

Put up your Christmas wreath

Don't forget the stocking

And please hang one for me


(Chorus) Repeat




(Chorus) Repeat and End


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