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Angel Can't Land

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


This is author Susan J. McLeod's final tribute song. All proceeds from this song go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Sue was a big fan of my music and one of the beautiful souls I've encountered during my travels. I can only pray that I have honored her enough with this last song. 

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Angel Can’t Land


You kept trying to land

I bet you thought something was stopping you

I’m just this foolish man  

But even I can see the simple truth


It’s not the things you've said and done

Or those who've come and gone

Or your heart that still wanted to give

It’s in the morning when the sun

Says you were fighting all wrong

It’s the light in the beauty of your smile

In the end, you see, angels can’t land

But you tried … yes, you tried


You gave so much more than you got

I bet you even thought it’s not a lot

But if I wrapped it in a box

I could give it to the world and make it stop


For just a moment to see

How it’s hurt you and me

Though your heart still wanted to give

But in the morning when the sun

Says you were fighting all wrong

You’ll feel the gentle warmth of your smile

And know, after all, that angels can’t land

Though you tried … yes, you tried


Copyright, 2016