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American Highway

Jesse Giles
Jesse Giles Christiansen


I have been living abroad in Germany for over a year now, enjoying European living with my wife, Corinna, and creating songs and novels in my comfy, quiet studio set in an oak forest in a little city called Lueneburg, just south of Hamburg. 

People frequently ask me what I miss most about the US. Well, after my family and close friends, the big next is the beautiful, seemingly endless abundance of land in America, and the highways that stretch out like "the arms of God above." 

Ironically, "American Highway" was written on a beach on the Bering Sea on the northwest coast of Germany. 

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Riding down your country roads

The wind blowing through my hair

Your trees’ gentle arms reaching out

Erasing all my cares

I think of you almost every day

Since the stars took me away

All this happy man can do

Is smile and let it fade



And I, will be back again

To ride, on your warm soft winds

Dear America, you’re my endless page

Let me write on you, with a quiet rage

USA, your lonesome highways wrap around my heart


I can feel you reaching out

Like the arms of God above

Touching all I long to see

Before I reach your love

Take me to that special place

Where time dare not go

Ain’t it funny how our bodies fade

But our eyes never grow old


(Chorus) Repeat


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