Jesse Giles Christiansen Author Songwriter



One Kind of Love


How many footprints have I written?

How many faces have I dreamed?

How many strangers have I watched

in the mirror,

fading like a falling stream?


(Special Chorus)

How many times

have I woke in the morning,

feeling tired and all alone?



Until you

My one kind of love

The sun up above

Lighting all my tomorrows   

Every time that I look at you

The truth comes shining through

It’s just you

My one kind of love


How many smiles have I run from?

How many roads have I roamed?

How many trees have I watched

along the river,

each one longing for a home?


(Special Chorus)

How many times

have I felt all my sorrow,

like a boat the lonely sea?


(Chorus) REPEAT



For so long I kept my eyes closed

Hoping the world would disappear

But now my heart shines like a rainbow

Your faith has drowned all my fear






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