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Well, I’m missing you, like I never have before

Guess you’re living in me, a little more

The trees just ain’t as green

And the sky just ain’t as blue

Cause I’m missing you



A house just ain’t a home

Till you’ve wandered off alone

And love just ain’t a church

Untill it’s grown

And life just ain’t as sweet

Without you next to me

Cause I’m missing you

Hmm … yeah I’m missing you


Sidewalks talk, as they roll on

Like cemented doom, chasing June

And this maze of busy streets, seems like some lost dream

Cause I’m missing you








There’s a hard breeze blowing through my heart tonight

Saying it just ain’t right without you by my side

Seems everywhere I go and everyone I meet

Has got a little bit of you, and a little bit of me

Got to find myself a plane and fly across the sea

To have you next to me … tonight

(Chorus) Repeat and End


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