Jesse Giles Christiansen Author Songwriter

///Author Mission Statement

I, Jesse Giles Christiansen, considering myself to be of sound health and lucid mind, hereby pledge these vows in order to build a lighthouse to follow when the A&E Sea tosses me to and fro, even maroons me, so that I may always return to and aspire from its constant and safe harbor.


I hereby promise to always do everything within my power to:


• Produce the highest quality literary art possible,


• Cultivate, nourish, and suspend my readers,


• Approach my publisher and literary team with an open mind

and malleable soul,


• Help other collaborative artists reach their goals,


• Respect my contemporaries at all costs,


• Maintain the highest personal fitness and integrity at all



• Celebrate the success of others more than my own, and


• Love my family before my words.


Please accept these humble vows.


Yours in literature,